Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been a strange day.  For some reason we though we had enough time to have lunch in Brooklyn.  Then just before we left, we realised that actually we needed to just head straight for the airport.  On the way their were all kinds of road works and congestion, so we had to phone from the car and get me on a later flight.  This set me back one hour (and $50)

A couple of people had told me that Atlanta airport was a nightmare.  Turned out to be true in my case.  Actually it's probably fine second or third time around, but this was my first.  So it took longer than it should have to make it to door LS2 and I was just in time to watch the bus for RTC pulling out and to wave my hands and shout in vain.

Perhaps it was a blessing.  I was able to put my name at the top of the list for 7pm, and head back upstairs for a bit to eat.  So my first food of the day was received around 5.30pm.  It's a long time since that happened.  Things started to look up after that.   I admired a replica of a fossilised Chinese dinosaur for a while, then met some Revit fanatics waiting for the bus, pleasant drive through well wooded hills and am now sitting in my room, looking through tall trees at a lake 3 or 4 storeys below as the sun sets.

I have internet access, the AC works, and in any case the temperature outside on my little balcony is extremely pleasant.  It's almost 9pm and still light, which is quite exciting for someone like me who has spend the last 30 years living close to the tropics where the length of the day is relatively constant. 

Yesterday was another feast of simple pleasures, featuring a stroll around the town of Millburn which is very close to where my daughter Wendy lives.  I was disappointed by the  double L, but thrilled to find a manhole cover, a delicatessen, and all sorts of other stuff proudly displaying our family name.  You may not be aware of this, but there is also a village of Milburn in the extreme north of England.  It's a historic fortified settlement harking back to the time when my remote ancestors were a band of robbers who went raiding in the richer southern realms.  Nothing much changes really.

Back to Revit tomorrow.  What a feast of ideas and social mingling awaits.

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