Thursday, July 25, 2013


Smile.  Some quick images following on from yesterday.

The topic is curtain panels that scale automatically.  The restrictions are you have to keep to the original proportions and the curtain wall must be a whole number of panels in both directions.

The advantages are : changing sizes on the fly even with complex geometry.  Take the following "swiss cheese" example.

You could make this without the double-nested planting families.  And you could edit the extrusion sketch manually, scale it down, save as a different name, reload into project.  It would only take a few minutes, but it's a less fluent way of working.  I'm backing the double-nested technique for situations where you want to play around with the size on the fly, experiment with design ideas quickly.

The next one is similar.

I guess you could even make this one parametric, but it would hardly be worth the effort.  Double-nesting is easy once you've set up the first panel and linked up the parameters the way you want them.  This is more of a tool for designers than documenters IMHO.

The speed advantage becomes much greater once you progress beyond a single extrusion.  The next example would be a real pain to resize multiple times by conventional methods.

Using double-nesting I created all three examples from scratch, including rendering and image processing in a couple of hours last night.  I only set up 3 different sizes for each panel design, because that's what I reckoned would show up clearly in a single image.  I could easily have created 10 different sizes for each though in a matter of minutes.

I have more on this.  Some egg & dart mouldings for Paul to salivate over :-) but that will have to be on Sunday.  Right now it's way past home time on a thursday afternoon, it being Ramadan and all.  So time to hit the weekend here in the Gulf.  Enjoy the cheesy designs everyone.


  1. Not fair to leave me hanging like that. Can't wait to see the egg and dart molding... :-)


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