Monday, June 23, 2014


I didn't get my ... together for the (extremely silly) tips & tricks part of RTCNA which, by the way, was the best yet as far as I am concerned.  Thank you to all the friends, old & new, young & not so, who took the time to talk with me.

So here is the first of the "tips & tricks" slides I should have submitted.

If you browse through my blog, you will find many examples of these 3 rigs.  When I get a chance I will set up tags to make them easier to find.  You can also expect to see more posts in the near future based on these 3 methods.

The next one is taken from my Urban Design session.

It's a hack, but then again the whole business of doing Urban Design in Revit is a bit of a hack.  So that's it: one of my shortest posts ever.  I am currently in Chicago and really loving it.  Will pass through New York and London over the next 2 weeks on my way home.  Hopefully I will find time to do another post or two during my travels.

Oh WTF ... here's a bit more on the straight line rig.

And some more rectangles

And of course ... how would we live without boxes ?

Now I'm done.  (what proper done ?  yes, proper done)

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