Wednesday, April 15, 2015


OK, this is a first for me.

I've never used Revit Server, nor has anyone in our office ... until now.  We suddenly find ourselves needing to do some work jointly with our UK office and have managed to get things basically working.  It's not a hugely demanding situation, but the connection speeds are not that great, and it takes a LONG time to open the file in the morning.  After that it gets better, but crashing is not too much fun.

So I'm just asking people out there if they would care to share a little experience and any hints they may have.  How serious are latency issues ?  Any dos and don'ts that are not in the documentation ?  (I'm guessing that the documentation is like most Revit documentation ... not quite perfect)

What are the alternatives, for a medium size practice that will continue to do most of it's work on a local network ?  When will C4R reach the Middle East ?  (not expecting an answer to that one, but I'd love to know)

Share your experience, point me to a link.  It's a genuine question.  We are stumbling into new territory.  Trying to get some input from our local reseller also, but it seems they also don't have much experience in this area. 

So that's it.  I've overheard people grumbling about Revit Server and I prefer not to fall over horrible latency issues and break my leg.  Forewarned is four-legged  (who said that recently)

No pictures, shock horror !

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  1. Hi Andy,

    When first opening your Revitfile in the morning it gets copied to the accelerator, which takes a lot of time. Everybody else on that accelerator can make use of the file already being copied (quicker). A solution could be not closing your revitfile and leave the computer on during the night. Working with linked files slows Revit down aswell, as these are not copied to the accelerator.


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