Tuesday, February 16, 2016


There must be some way outta here, said the joker ... aaah Jim lad, you've been reading too many error messages.  Take this one for example. 

Actually the element may well still be there.  The little robot that sits inside Revit can't possibly be programmed for everything that might conceivably go wrong.  Maybe it would be better if it just said, "can't edit that until you synchronise".  Then you would know what to do, instead of going "who deleted my stuff !!"  I've only come across this when I open a workshared file and (very naughtily) try to do something before creating a local.  Or if I open from a local, trying to do something before reloading latest.  Either way, I'm taking a risk in the first place, but then, life is full of risks.

For example, I took the risk of upgrading to Windows 10 a few weeks ago.  The good news is that all my versions of Revit (and everything else) are running ... no problem.  Well, just one or two slight irritations.  I think I have to update my video driver.  Sometimes views appear really strange when you first open them ... all pixelated.  It goes away as soon as you pan or zoom or do anything really, so it's not even annoying enough to persuade me to look for the driver.  I'll get around to it.

Somewhat stranger, and more disruptive, the Quick Access Toolbar disappears when placed above the ribbon.  Not a train smash, because I can place it below, and I'm slowly adapting to this position.  I originally placed it up there some years ago to maximise on my limited laptop screen space, but these days I have a second monitor at work and at home, a couple of millimetres doesn't bother me.  And of course there's room for a lot more commands when you put it below, just in case I ever want them.

That's all I've noticed after 3 or 4 weeks of daily working, but there is an unrelated graphics issue I want to mention.  The background shading we can now add to columns in a schedule is a wonderful thing.  It can turn an intimidating mass of data into something quite presentable and relatively easy to read.  Some additional formatting in the horizontal direction would be even better of course, but what we have is a good step forward.

One unfortunate side-effect of solid fill though is that when you select a schedule on a sheet to adjust the column widths, it all turns blue, and you can't read the text.  The main reason for making this kind of adjustment is to make sure the longest item will fit, so inability to see that item is rather unfortunate.  To be honest, it would be far better if the background fill just disappeared when the schedule is selected.  I assume that would be easier to achieve than having it turn a very pale shade of blue "behind" the text.

and that's all I have to say for now.  Must be one of my shortest posts ever.


  1. I face the same error on quick access tool bar in my windows 10, i did the same.

  2. Yeah, running into funky graphics stuff just like that... QAT was the most notable but then I had dialogues not showing unless I alt+tab and stuff... It's a shame.

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