Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I'm sitting in the office. It's ten past 8 and I've got 3 machines working, rendering for tomorrow's submission.  I thought I might share this image that I just cooked up.  It's a combination render/shaded view of a typical balcony for the apartment building we've been working on for the past few weeks.  Took me maybe 20 minutes to generate this image including render time.

The shaded view was actually part of a study sheet that I composed a couple of days ago.  I love doing this kind of detail sheet in Revit, combining orthographic with perspective, and getting into the nitty-gritty of how something is going to be built.  We're still at schematic, so I'm notsizing every member of the railing yet, but we're starting to consider how things fit together.

Here's part of another sheet in a similar vein, looking at the access walkways.  It's a single loaded scheme with open-sided walkways.  We're not really happy with the way these look yet.  Need to do some more studies when we move into the next stage.

Another slightly processed render that I've been working on while typing this post.  This uses the old trick of blurring the top layer then masking it out so that the centre of the image remains sharp.  Also the edges are greyed out more than the centre. 

And finally a study sheet that came out of discussions with the Structural Engineer.  Some tricky junctions and transitions between the podium level and the parking grid below, not helped by the fact that there are lots of 45 degree shifts in alignment going on.  Revit is a fantastic tool for visualising this kind of situation and gradually making adjustments to try to optimise the various trade-offs that inevitably need to be made.

Back to work now.


  1. Here's a little tip for your first render (line) image.
    Place a big wal across the building, place a material with a city envouirment on it and render. Your glass reflection will be better

  2. Hi Arno
    That's a good suggestion. I've used oversize decals before in similar situation. Can be a bit tricky when you have views from many different directions in the project. Ideally you would have a site context model that you link in to provide both backgrounds & reflections. Don't always have time to set that up though.


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