Sunday, April 1, 2012


Quick Access Toolbar.  Picture below from my first post back in Oct 2010, and I'm still in love with this layout.  Saves a lot of switching tabs.

But check out the pictures below.  Spot the difference ?

For far too long I have been cursing and swearing because you can't do a "create similar" on symbolic lines in family editor.  Why do I have to keep switching to the annotate tab ? Too many clicks, it's disrupting my workflow !

This weekend the penny dropped.  Just add symbolic lines to the QAT.  At first I worried that it would be confusing if I placed this next to "detail lines".  But of course they grey out, depending on context.  The giveaway in the first picture is the "Load into Project" button, which tells you that it's a snapshot from family editor, whereas picture two is from the project environment.

I'm so happy now.  Little things can make a big difference.
Quid Est Demonstrandum. 

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