Thursday, October 8, 2015


Would someone like to spend an hour or two upgrading my fireplace family ?  I have made a placeholder which I believe is the correct size, and I have reference photographs taken earlier this year. 

There are also drawings downloadable from the online archive which show not only the fireplace, but also the flues leading up to the roof, and the cleaning arrangements in the cellar below.

I will be uploading these resources to the Stock Office folder on A360 so anyone who is registered for Project Soane can download them and take a shot.  I think this is quite a good place to start because it's a splendid example of Soane's style: classical in inspiration but simplified and abstracted to the point of looking quite "modern".

It makes use of standard Soanian devices: circle and square, incised parallel lines, muted and neutral colour scheme.

There is a version of this fireplace in Alberto's splendid model of the Stock Office, but my photographs weren't available to him, so the results are slightly different.  For all I know, his interpretation is more historically accurate, but personally I find the design as photographed more convincing, and more in keeping with the interior of the Stock Office as a whole.

So if someone would like to model this up, I would be most grateful.  I have a million other items on my to do list.  (seems like it, anyway)


  1. Took up the challange and you can download my version of your fireplace here:

  2. You'll have to add some materials to it of course, but the geometry is there, and all paramatic too (some paramaters in Dutch, but you'll figure them out).

  3. oh, interesting project you have there btw.

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