This page brings together downloads scattered around in various posts.  It's a work in progress, hope you find it useful.


Improved RPC Trees  Plan symbol matches 3d, instance rotation parameter

Fritz Hansen Furniture  my versions of their classic designs in RFA format

Furniture Collection   furniture families I thought worth sharing

flat    collection of simple entourage families

more pancake people  another entourage set

Ceiling Coffer / Lighting Cornice   as requested by one of my readers

Lightweight Cars  2 families, one with embedded detail items


Ronchamp Chapel   3d DWF of Corb's Notre Dame du Haut,  see  our-lady-up-hill

Lever House    study of the famous 1952 building by SOM

Brazilia Cathedral - Parametric Repeater   parametric concept model of Niemeyer's classic

Emirates Golf Club Massing Family   a Brian Johnson design reinterpreted in Revit


Parametric Pumpkins 2012   my winning entry for Zach Kron's competition

Vasari Talk Repeater  adaptive component family featured on Vasari Talk

Parametric Pumpkins 2011   my winning entry for Zach Kron's competition

Parametric Spirals   Families based on a circular rig,   see spiral-rigging


  1. Hi Andy,
    I am a french student in architecture. Actualy, I have to do a thesis or a little book just on the Lever House. So, could you upload your work on the Lever House on this page ?
    Thanks for your blog,

  2. Hi Vincent

    I will try to do that soon


  3. Hi there, I have just stumbled on your site, and I can't wait to give 99% of your tutorials a whirl! (after this assignment haha) I'm currently studying building design and like to think I'm fairly savvy with Revit, when it comes to modelling.

    However, my knowledge is based on a large range of tutorials that are quite diverse in context and quality. I guess what I don't quite understand is how exactly Revit fits into a practice' workflow, and aspects such as; to what level of detail are designs modeled, common practices for modelling elements that revit doesn't accept OOTB, how information from various consultants (especially systems and structural).

    I guess to summarise, I know how to use revit, but not exactly how it is used, especially in Australian firms. I was wondering if you had any completed project examples available that you would be happy to share? I would understand completely if you aren't inclined to do so(for concerns of copyright and such), however if you were happy to do so, I know it would be invaluable.



  4. Lot of questions there. Don't know much about Australia, I suspect building styles & methods are a bit different from the Middle East. Can't really share company projects but I do intend to share Revit model "reconstructions" of historic projects, maybe that will help ? Hope so. Thanks for the input and good luck !

  5. Oh right! The address bar says, so I figured you were from Australia, my apologies. Anything along those lines would be of great help! Thanks for the response, and for such an awesome site!

  6. Hi Andy,
    I´m an achitecture student in Brasil, and this semester in studio class I have to design a bus terminal. I´d like to know if you´d be kind to upload you "Space Frame Study" family, it would be very helpful.
    By the way, I loved the parametric family of the Brasília Cathedral.
    Keep up with the good work!

  7. Hi Andy
    I'm in desperate need of the Fritz Hansen FAVN Sofa you have rendered in your 'Furniture Fritz' post. I tried converting the CAD file without success. It would seriously help me a great deal if you could please provide me with the file.
    Cheers Adelina

  8. Congratulations from Malaga in Spain, good blog to spend time "pumping out" little bits of knowledge...

  9. Thanks everyone for kind comments. Sorry I can't respond to all the requests as quickly as I would like. Will try to bring more goodies to this page soon.

  10. Hi Andy,
    Very impressive sliding sash window family, kudos to your patience! We do a lot of Georgian style window conservation work and I have thought we must do a generic window type like your sample. Are you planning to share that family for posterity?
    Keep up the good work.

  11. So happy I came across your website and blog, found you originally off linked in, I'm so excited for finishing my final year of my degree in architectural technology, once I have some time I will try my hand at a few of your style self learning.

  12. Hi Andy,
    Any chance you could upload your parametric pendentive family?
    Many thanks!

  13. The "Lightweight Cars" link is giving me an error message. Can this be fixed? Thank you!


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