Over the past few years I have given quite a few presentations on matters BIM and Revit.  Some of them were converted into blog posts, others have been lying dormant.  A while ago I discovered a free service by Microsoft and I've realised that this will be a convenient way to collect my "stuff" together and make it available to the wider world.

So I will be collecting together all my talks at the following link: - MY TALKS


  1. Hi Andy! I can't seem to find a 'contact' link on any of your pages...Interested in speaking with you about a possible project in your corner of the world, as well as other conceptual development projects. Can you please send me an email to ? My company designs and builds leaded glass ceilings. Seems like a lovely fit. You can see our work on instagram under the username 'stearnsandcompany' . Thanks in advance! Best,

  2. can i help with some families? great work so far by the way.


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