Monday, September 3, 2012


This is just a quick taster.  Have been working on curtain panel by pattern techniques.  Decided to revisit Zach's coffer dome which is still available here

The panels themselves are quite tedious to build, which is probably why he speeded it up and set it to Lone Ranger music.  There's a lot of hosting points on the workplane of another point and giving them an offset parameter.  This is the key to seamless panels and keeping geometry of panels normal to the surface.

For my dome I also used "by intersect" to create the latitude grids.  So that the intervals can get smaller towards the top, keep them squarish in proportion.  Played around with a void sweep and a blend to vary the coffer profile a bit.

It's part of a learning process.  I also made a barrel vault and set up reference planes at wonky angles for the "by intersect" grids.  This makes the coffers taper which I suppose might have an application somewhere, one day. 


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