Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am running out of time.  We have a long weekend coming up for Eid.  The server room is shutting down for 3 days.  I can come in on Saturday or Sunday to submit my entry, but between now & then there will be no posting.  Believe it or not I don't have either internet or TV in my flat, just a guitar and a laptop.

So very quickly, here are a couple more experiments.  This is based on curtain panels.  I wanted to make a maize cob.  So started out with the sweet potato, tweaked the rig so the curves of the spline are very slight, and changed the profiles to simple circles.

I used a curtain panel from my "slug it out" post.  Very simple rectangle-based lump.

Cranking up the height parameter gives some sort of sea-slug, which randomises quite effectively too.

What about other pattern types ?  I did a quick foray into the world of hexagons.  Thought about how to make a bulge and came up with a 3-surface form.

First load gave me an extreme height to width ratio.  I wasn't going for a pine cone, but I'll take it.

Played around with slightly less extreme values and a bit of randomising & that was that.


Expect a monster post on Sunday, along with some downloads.  Wish me luck.

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