Thursday, August 22, 2013


This is a follow up to the previous post.  You can get a Generic Model Adaptive family to take mass floors by embedding it within a Mass family.  So what ?  Why might you want to use adaptive features while doing a GFA study for a project ?  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about that one (really need to get a life) and started scribbling down ideas.

Divide and repeat springs to mind straight away.  What if you were to make a podium with a variable number of towers for example.  The image below shows my first test.  2 instances of the same family.  The same nested GMA family serves for both the base and the towers (two types)

The towers are hosted on a repeater which is hosted on the base.  The whole thing takes mass floors nicely.

Lots of instance parameters to play with for different configurations.  You can see how this would be useful in a masterplanning context.

Our weekend is about to start, so apart from completing a mammoth post on Ronchamp and putting my Revit file up for download, I might play around with this idea a little more.  Maybe try some less regular shapes, curved arrays, dancing towers ...

But before I sign off, another little nod in Luke Johnson's direction.  Just after I made the multi-tower family a little light bulb went on.  Didn't he do something a bit similar ?  Actually it wasn't quite the same because he wasn't using mass floors, just making curved rows of townhouses, but it is a variation on a similar theme.  Take a look.

LUKE: using-divide-and-repeat-for-site

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