Thursday, September 19, 2013


GAJ Interior Design department won several awards this week confirming their position as leaders in the Middle East market.  In my experience it's much easier working with an in-house interiors team than external consultants.  We didn't have this capability 10 years ago when I first joined GAJ.  They started small and it's been a pleasure watching the department mature and grow.

You can read more about the awards event at the link below.

They have always been really strong at visualisation.  We have some first rate people working in Max who produce stunning renders, but until recently all the construction drawings were done using 2d Autocad.  I've been plugging away for some time at this and it's starting to pay off.  We have a couple of guys with Revit experience in the department and I'm running "evening classes" at present to extend this capability and form a really solid core group.  Has to be evenings, because we are just so busy.  

Keeps me out of mischief I guess :-)

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