Monday, December 16, 2013


Looking forward to attending the second edition of this event tomorrow.  Organised by Omnix International and sponsored by various technology suppliers with HP & Intel heading the list.  A number of guys will be jetting in from Autodesk again, including Lynn Allen of course.

We are sending along a core group of BIM fanatics from GAJ for the day.  Apart from the sessions themselves it's always a great opportunity to network with people from other firms as well as suppliers and resellers.  Life in Dubai is starting to get hectic again, lots of new projects coming up and of course Expo 2020 is bound to have an impact.  So it will be interesting to sound out the buzz tomorrow.

Omnix kindly invited me to act as judge in a student competition that forms part of the event.  I'm always excited to see the next generation coming through and it is great to see young designers from the Arab world expressing themselves creatively with Autodesk products.  Would love to show some images, but that would be a serious breach of protocol :-)

I am hoping to get a look at Infraworks.  I'm vaguely aware of this product, but have never seen it in action.  There are a couple of sessions tomorrow.  Dubai is well known for mega-projects and we get our fair share of master planning work, so I'm always looking for BIM approaches to this kind of work.  Sadly I think it's oriented to engineer-led "infrastructure" than architect led "urban design".  But it's worth a closer look.

Here's a link to my post earlier this year.  Experiments in using Revit for Urban Design,

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  1. Hi Andy,

    There was lots of buzz about the infraworks 360 at AU. It finally got my attention now and will be interested in learning more down the road to see if that can be applied to master planning type of work


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