Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'm on a roll, working up my Gherkin studies as Teaching/Learning resources for anyone who might want to have a go at using a BIM approach to research / private study / figuring stuff out.  curiosity is a wonderful thing and BIM tools like Revit have tremendous untapped potential for fostering the investigative skills of students, both young and old, around the world.
So here's a little taster from my current "work-in-progress" model.  I've been adding the cladding that covers up the tubular steel structure.  I'm exploring the idea of being able to switch this on and off so that you can peel the onion gherkin layer by layer.  It's a render & a shaded image combined with a smidgeon of jiggery pokery to enhance the effect.  (2 layers, shaded on top, overlay mode, slight use of masking to vary the transparency)

By the way, I would love to get some more feedback.  I'd love to know how this stuff is getting used.  I do hope I can encourage more people to see BIM as an educational tool and not just another cog in the global "business machine".


  1. This is brilliant! May be you could test the wind loads in Vasari?
    I saw Foster & Partners are looking for Revit experts - you should share this with their 3d specialist team.
    Cant wait to see the final product

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