Sunday, June 29, 2014


We made a circle profile, which is great, and it established the principle of a "Scale" parameter which can be linked back to the host family.  But a circle is just a special case of an ellipse.

If we make a Mass Profile which is a scalable ellipse, we can also have a "Depth Factor" to control the proportions of the ellipse.  Depth Factor of 1 will be a circle.  Here Goes.

Proceed as before to open a new Mass family.  In plan view, draw an ellipse. Dimension to the quad points of the ellipse in both directions.  They will highlight as you hover over them.

You can label these as "Width" & "Depth".  Group them under
"Other" because they will be calculated values and we want to keep them out of the way.

Create "Input" & "Scale" parameters, as before.  Scale is a type parameter and this time I'm going to group it under "Plumbing".  I know that's wierd, but it keeps it separate and just above the Dimension group which I reserve for the instance parameters.

We need one more of these.  It's a number and we can call it "Depth Factor" as mentioned above.  Type positive values into the number parameters to avoid an error message, then proceed to type in the formulae.

Save the family with a suitable name.

For the rectangle you can start again from scratch if you want, or you can save the ellipse profile with a rectangle name.  We are going to use the same parameters and formulae.  (delete the ellipse)

Set up reference planes with equalisation and apply the Width & Depth parameters.  Draw a rectangle and lock it to the planes.

That's it.

I'm going to demonstrate the use of these profiles by modelling some of the planters I saw earlier this week in Chicago.  These posts, by the way are being written from my daughter's apartment in Morristown New Jersey. I'm resting up from all the walking I did in Chicago while she finishes her working week.  Then we'll hang out for the weekend before I hop across the Atlantic to spend a week in England.

Here's a taster for the planters.

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