Monday, September 29, 2014


I first arrived in Dubai at the end of February 2004, but for various reasons, my official start date at GAJ is in June, and I was in Chicago then.  Then other stuff intervened, but eventually my 10th anniversary got celebrated in the office about a month ago.  That's me on the big screen, and my boss Brian charming the audience with a tale or two as only he can.

As a follow up to that I was given a voucher to take a small group of BIM enthusiasts from the office out to lunch and we did that last weekend.  My apologies to those who did not get included in the event.  It doesn't mean you are less important or less valued in any way.  I tried to pick a mixed group to represent different roles and levels of experience.  It was all organised by the inimitable Rajani who can be seen here lighting candles.

So here we are, sitting in a famous Indian restaurant at the Dubai Convention Centre and eating ourselves silly.  Time flies so fast, and it will soon be 10 years since we first got our hands on Revit 7.0 and began our BIM journey.  I think only Kannan in this group was with us then, but Liza, Raina and Cirilo can also be classed as veterans.  Anshuman & Nandish represent the crop of young creative design architects who have started to buy into the BIM concept after some years of coaxing by myself.  Finally Daniel represents the experienced BIM guys that we have been able to hire more recently to take a little load off my shoulders.

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