Thursday, April 11, 2024


 Sorry, did I say pumpkin? I meant Gherkin of course, but got pulled down the alliteration rabbit hole. And while I'm apologising, the pages are in the wrong order but they are numbered so ... do your best.  Continuing with LinkedIn posts compiled to this blog for convenience.

Before I forget, here is the rest of my "WayWeBuild" study of Norman Foster's Gherkin using Revit as an exploratory device.

I have always thought that the sheet layout features in Revit are under developed and undervalued. Yes they do a good job of representing traditional construction document sets. And of course they offer all kinds of opportunities to add value to this use case.

But I am interested in pushing the envelope much further. First we have the concept design booklets that have become an essential part of our work. Yes I understand that the development team felt that they could never really compete with InDesign. But did we have to just give up. Isn't BIM meant to take us from cradle to grave?

Beyond even that there is this kind of work. Didactic aids, historical studies, construction text books. Why do we put this in a different silo? Why such a narrow, blinkered view of what people who devote their lives to buildings can offer to society?

Architects and Engineers write books. They explore ideas. They have something to say to our grandchildren. Do we think so little of the software tools we use that we can't apply them to these broader areas of life?



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