Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am going to a cocktail party tonight, thanks to an invitation from a nice young lady called Mina.

She gave a CPD at GAj not long ago on behalf of Construction Specialties, a company who make clever stuff out of aluminium & flexible plastics ... including movement joints.  As usual I asked my question about Revit content.  Do they know what it is ?  Are they interested in making it available ?

So the next weekend I prepared a little session for the Revit Lunch which demonstrated how to make a movement joint family and then broadened out into a discussion of keynoting and specifications.  It's floor based and you can either physically cut through the whole slab or keep it in the finishes zone.  There is a little extrusion that shows on the surface with a material parameter.

The details of the extrusions are detail components which only show up when you cut a section view.  Plus you can set them to only show at fine scale.  This helps with memory handling & regeneration times.  You don't really want to see that level of detail at 1 in 50 for example.  In the end I set the families to have 3 levels of complexity: Coarse Scale, Medium Scale & Fine Scale.

So hello Experts, let's start collaborating !  Like many companies in the field, CS make CAD downloads available, but I am yet to find an expansion joint manufacturer that offers Revit families, which is a shame. 

Don't you realise that a Revit family has all this intelligence built in, like the name of the manufacturer, product code, link to their website, specifications code (CSI or NBS depending on how american or british you wish to be).  Talk about a competitive edge ...  time for someone to go out and grab it.

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  1. Expansion (movement) joints allow for the floor in which they are placed to move without restraint, and they control where the movement manifests, avoiding random cracking in the floors.


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