Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So the Revit Lunch Wiki is up and running.  Hoping for some contributions soon,

For the record the straw which led this camel to the water (what ?) was a video that I watched by Ken Young of HOK describing their use of Social Media,

HOK video at KA connect

One day I'll learn how to embed this video properly in my web page.

While I'm here might as well comment that I posted more historical stuff on my Chose to Sing the Blues site.  Relates to my time in Zimbabwe and especially work I did in the education sector, both as a Curriculum Developer and later as an Architect.  A lot of water under that bridge ... and while we're on that subject

here's a bunch of Zimbabweans moulding bricks.  I took this photo about 25 years ago when the future was looking rosy there and my youngest son was not yet born.

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