Monday, October 19, 2015


It's in the nature of an exploration to ask probing questions, propose hypotheses and reflect on the outcomes.  Upon reflection, I have decided to harmonise my numbering system with that used on the Project Soane website. 

It was interesting to explore my own approach to classifying the phases of the Bank's development. but ultimately I aim to be part of a crowd-sourced effort.  Get with the program.  Democracy rules.  All that stuff.   So I have updated my Revit file and the diagrams now look something like this.
I am not going to modify my previous post (too much effort)  Let it remain as a record of my thinking processes.
Further to the above, I think my broad brush overview hat has served its purpose for the moment and I will probably get down to some hardcore modelling next weekend, hammer the screen wall into shape.  Still looking for people to help out with families though, so for those who have already volunteered and those who are still "thinking about it" ... now is the time to stop dithering (goes for me too) 
I think we know enough to now model the external façade in more detail.  Let's get to it.

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