Saturday, May 13, 2023



Flashback to 2014. The Gherkin was one of three office buildings I set about analysing with my BIM pencil around this time.

At some point I was asked about sharing my work with a group of students and started producing worksheets with a step by step approach, partly to understand what I had done.


These petered out at some point but still it was a great example of learning by doing, using Revit to probe a building or built tradition that you wish to understand better.

I still think this is a much undervalued activity. It's my favourite "hobby" and I can't quite understand why more people aren't doing it.

Then again there are lots of things I don't understand so... (tails off into silence)



It's been a while, but I got the impulse to play as I came into the room from watching the sunset.

Nothing special, just the first idea that came into my head and building around that. Quite laid back as you would expect from the context.

I should do more of these quick impulsive takes. Better than going so long between music uploads. 🙄🤔😁



Some day job stuff for a change. I've been working on this project for a while, using Revit for Masterplanning. Quite a large project, coastal resort.

The scheme steps down to the beach. Slopes between platforms are quite easily handled with in-place sweeps. Roads and plots are treated as floors.

It's all broad-brush stuff although I do have a way to bring in geometry from the individual buildings without blowing things up. Visible at fine detail level.

Anyway this post is about landscape slopes between curved, sloping roads and adjacent platforms. Here i use Point World (conceptual massing) to create ruled surfaces. Then "wall by face" to create an object that is visible when massing is turned off.

Difficult to get everything perfectly smooth and seamless, but it's acceptable and I can use my favourite tool with views on sheets, schedules, coordinated tagging etc.


Coming in from the balcony last night after enjoying the sunset, my attention settled on the guitar. Dialled up a chorus setting, for no particular reason. Started messing around, felt good, threw on a shirt, put my phone in the stand...

It's a one shot recording, pretty loose, fragments of vocals rather than worry about getting all the words right or even being sure what the song is. Ostensibly it's hovering around a Robert Johnson theme.

Music is therapy, it's analogous to the visual sphere perhaps but also quite different. After a day trapped inside Revit, music and physical exercise are cathartic. Tilting the balance back into harmony and rhythm.




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