Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BIM summit 2016 Dubai

I spoke at our local annual BIM summit this morning.  It was a useful networking event with some interesting panel discussions and my talk just before lunch.  I chose to address the subject of BIM content so that I could elaborate on the short "rebuttal" that I will be giving in Porto next week at BCS Europe.  Here I am strutting about the stage at the beginning of my talk.

I sketched the diagram below to try to explain the current disconnect between active collaboration taking place on a daily basis between designers and manufacturers and a parallel set of BIM processes that are happening in a much more linear way to assemble "the model" that represents the decisions taken by designers.  I think we can, and must improve on this situation.

This slide suggests we might have to loosen our grip on the idea of a single building model as the only true BIM gospel, and embrace instead some kind of network of interconnected spaces that enable more "peripheral" stakeholders to enter the digital fray. 

I've shared the next image before, but it's still probably the best image I have come up with to represent my idea of a digital collaboration space where manufacturers and designers can meet to hold discussions and make decisions that then feed back into our Revit models (or whatever software flavour you are using)  It has to be a user-friendly, visually rich, responsive space where people can create filtered views that show functional relationships within the current design and try out different proposals for incorporating their products, based on the specialist knowledge and experience that manufacturer representatives have at their fingertips. 

To see the powerpoint document itself you can follow the link below.

My Presentation

Not a bad way to spend my last working day for a couple of weeks.  Portugal here I come!

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