Sunday, August 14, 2022


 The Digital Dilemma. I guess we all have to find our way through the weeds. For me the Smartphone and Cloud Storage have now become fully integrated with work I have been doing on my laptop for the past 20 years.

 I gave up on Facebook and Twitter. May work for some but they were messing with my mind. LinkedIn is starting to go that way a bit, but I’m hopeful I can steer clear of the nonsense for a few years yet. Musically I was always happy to play to a small, intimate audience and get a two way thing going. Probably the best way to engage online also.

You Tube

What follows is just a record of recent posts which have started to fall into a pattern. Let’s see where it leads.

03 Tuscan Summer House

Seems far away now. Tuscan Order temple / garden house at Hinton Ampner. A nod towards Etruscan for sure. Fantastic vista “down the garden path” Maybe I should do a post on my current  environment in Dubai by way of contrast.


04 Response to “Favourite Church Doorway”

Bit of a cheat but I’m going to share my favourite among Sir John Soane’s London churches. Two photos and a Revit model 😜



05 Hinton Ampner Church

Hinton Ampner Church, from my last full day in UK. Said to be C13 with C19 alterations. To my eye, everything looks new enough to be Victorian Gothic Revival, so I’m guessing was a major refurb. Flint again but very carefully cut and laid in regular courses. Interesting building set in fascinating gardens.


06 Four Doors

Four doors this time,in the vicinity of St Michael’s #basingstoke Even the small one has a tudor arch if you look closely. This is posted from Heathrow on my way back to #dubai It was great to see some #gothic churches in the flesh again.




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