Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm having difficulty finishing off my posts at the moment.  Lots of stuff that is almost ready, but between catching flu and multiple deadlines at GAJ I can't quite get them on to the blog.  So this is a quick one based on something I've cobbled together recently.

This is the bog-standard parking bay that comes with Revit, but I've added in the simplified car family that I made a while back, plus a wheelchair symbol, given these visibility controls (instance parameters) and also linked the car material to an instance parameter.

All simple stuff, but it gives you a parking bay that schedules in a completely regular way, while having a more random look in 3d and on plan ... like real parking bays.  Recently I added an extrusion to represent the paving surface in a masterplanning study.  This is OK, but it doesn't respond to the angle parameters built in to the original family at the moment.

Judicious use of visibility controls at coarse, medium and fine scales can allow you to vary the amount of information shown in plan views eg. no car at all, car outline, detailed car.

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