Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Exciting day today.  I treated all the Revit Lunch regulars at GAJ to Biryani in place of my usual Revit presentation ... this to celebrate winning the prestigious Pumpkin Award.  Needless to say I am indebted to all the Revit enthusiasts here at Godwin Austen Johnson who have supported & motivated me over the past 6 years or so,  not least Brian Johnson himself.

A great big thankyou to Zach for hosting the competition and for running his inspirational BUILDZ website.  FOLLOW THIS LINK

The other two winners were serious pieces of work and I am honoured to be in such company.  I took the "Goodest" award, the other 2 categories being "Baddest" & "Most Parametric".  Lots of high-powered formulas on show, not to mention gnashing of teeth.  Well done guys.

You can see my entry by reading the 6 previous posts in this blog.  I went through quite a journey of exploration, reflecting on the digital tools we use to design buildings today and how they present us with many of the same issues that architects have been pondering for generations: order & disorder, image & reality ... but read the posts.

Eid Al Adha coming up here in the UAE, so that will give me time to prepare some more blog posts.  Lots of ideas bubbling around in what's left of my brain cells, so come back and have a look about 8 days from now.


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